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Nuestros Equipos

TheSaturn DigiSizer II

This state of the art laser particle size analyzes advanced CCD optical technology and digital signal processing to provide Leer más

The SediGraph III 5120

This new generation particle size analyzer combines the proven SediGraph analytical technique with advanced instrumentation Leer mas

The Elzone II 5390

Unlike other measurement techniques, the electrical sensing zone method can size sample that have assorted optical properties Leer más

The ASAP 2020

Uses the volumetric gas sorption technique to obtain high-quality data for research and quality control applications. Leer más

The TriStar II 3020

The TriStar II is an automated, three-station, surface area and porosity analyzer capable of increasing the speed and efficiency Leer màs

The Gemini VII 2390

Ideal for rapid and accurate surface area determinations by single point and multi point BET and Langmuir methods. Leer más

AutoPore IV Series Mercory Porosimeters

The AutoPore IV series use mercury intrusion to determine total pore volume, pore size destribution, percent porosity, and transport properties. Leer más

The Accupyc 1340 Gas Displacement Pycnometry System

The AccuPyc II 1340 Series are fully auto-matic pycnometers that provide high-speed, high-precision volume measurements and density calculations on various powders, Leer màs

The AutoChem II 2920 Automated Catalyst Characterization System

The AutoChem performs a full array of highly precise, temperature-programmed chemisorption studies. It uses dynamic techniques to automatically perform pulse. Leer más